Welcome to the East Van Skate Clubhouse - A place where we will share some of our favourite skateboarding videos and other skate related content.

Our aim is to keep this page as PG/ kid-friendly as possible. All videos have been loosely vetted for language and mature content.

Check back often for updates! 

The Antisocial video intro, shot at Strathcona!

The Gonz, on a longboard and dressed in a fencing outfit, skating a museum in Monchengladbach, Germany, in 1998.

Gonz assembles a circle board in New York City to surprise Brad Cromer with a pro model board! 

Chocolate Skateboard’s “Fire Board” skit. Watch out for the meet-up at the end.

The bodies often go over while the boards often go under in this "Hippy Jumps" episode of Atlantic Drift, from our friends in London, UK.