For the time being, we will be pressing pause on our bits + pieces program. Thanks to so many kind and generous donations, we've been able to connect 57 kids with new-to-them skateboards! We are truly humbled by the outpouring of love and support from our community over the last month, and have been so thankful to connect and expand our circe of friendship through this process.

COVID-19 has obviously affected the whole world, including the skateboard supply chain. This means local shops are running low on stock and skaters are riding their boards until the wheels fall off - literally. The further into this we venture, the harder it has become to procure some parts, most notably, trucks, so rather than make kids wait, we will pause our intake form for now and relaunch when things begin to regulate.

If you have skateboard parts you'd be willing to donate to the next generation, please get in touch! We are hoping to buildup our stock so we are able to relaunch soon with items ready to go.